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Veterinarian Services

Comprehensive physical exam:

Dogs and cats are very good at hiding their illnesses. Subtle changes often go undetected by owners until your pets become very sick. Just like our kids, your pets should have a physical exam at least once a year. Senior and geriatric pets should have a physical exam at least every 6 months. Your pets age about 7 times faster than people. Seeing a veterinarian every 7 human years is just not good enough for older pets. Early detection is the key to successful treatment. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Preventative care:

Vaccines: Your pets need vaccines to protect them against life-threatening infections, such as canine distemper, canine parvo enteritis, feline panleukopenia, and feline leukemia. Based on your pets’ life style and health condition, our veterinarian will help you formulate a vaccine schedule following the guidelines of AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) and AAFP (American Association of Feline Practitioners).

Parasite control: Your pets are prone to many parasitic infections. Certain parasites are capable of transmitting diseases to your pets and even humans. External parasites, such as fleas, ticks, ear mites, can be easily prevented by treating your pets with very safe preventative medication. Our veterinarian will help you choose the most suitable control for your pets following the guidelines of Companion Animal Parasite Council.

Intestinal parasites: Dogs and cats are susceptible to many intestinal parasitic infections. Severe infection can be life-threatening, especially in younger animals. Some intestinal parasites are contagious to people. For example, dog roundworms can cause blindness in children. Giardia can cause severe diarrhea in people. Most intestinal parasites are too small to see with naked eyes. Fecal exam is required to detect intestinal parasitic infection. Our veterinarian will help you decide how often to perform fecal exam and what dewormer to use based on your pets’ life style and age.

Heartworm control: Heartworm is a parasite that lives in your pet’s heart and major vessels in the lung. It is transmitted by mosquito bites. Severe infection can be life threatening. In southern California, it has not been a serious problem before. Unfortunately as more and more heartworm positive pets are being transported from other states or countries to California, heartworm disease is expected to gradually become a significant issue. This disease is very easy to prevent, but very expensive and painful to treat. All your pet needs are a monthly preventative to ensure its health. Talk to our veterinarian to see if your pet is at risk and whether it needs to be on the preventative or not.

Illness treatments:
Dogs and cats are prone to skin infection, ear infection, digestive problem, lameness, etc. Based on the physical exam, our veterinarian will help you detect disease early and start treatment promptly. For conditions that are too advanced to be addressed at home, your pet will need to be transferred to a veterinary hospital. We can help you make arrangements for transportation. Please call us at 626.222.5439 for details.

When you call to make an appointment, please give us details of your pet’s condition so we can carry the medications that your pet might need with us. If the doctor feels that your pet needs special medications that we don’t carry, we can arrange to have them delivered to you.


Our veterinary team is capable of obtaining blood sample, urine sample, cytology sample, etc, from your pet in the comfort of your home. If your pet needs special diagnostics that we are not able to perform in home, we can help make arrangements to have your pet transported to a facility of your choice for the specific diagnostic. Please call us at 626.222.5439 for details.

Anesthetic procedures:
For the safety of your pet and your family, anesthetic procedures should be performed in a veterinary hospital. We can help you make arrangements to have your pet transported to a veterinary hospital of your choice. Please call us for details.

Our housecall veterinarians are licensed DVM. Serving Monrovia, Glendora, Pasadena and beyond.

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